We offer education, training and solutions to snoring and sleep disorders

Medi-Smart.com are an evolving organization that is at the forefront of the sleep disorder and snoring solution industry.

Phil Bachelor, CEO

What Do Medi-Smart Do?

Quite simply, we provide information, education, tutorials and solutions to sleep related issues.

Getting a restful nights sleep is something that should be a basic human right. However, there are factors, some beyond our control that prevent this. This site has two main functions: to identify the causes of sleep issues, and secondly to offer solutions to the problems.

Some of the issues we address are:

Snoring – if you or your partner snores

Inability to fall asleep and/or wake during the night

Sleep apnea and it’s affect on sleep

The quality of your sleep and how it affects health

Snoring Aids, Supplements and Old Wives Tales

It is estimated that a quarter of Americans find it consistently difficult to either fall asleep or stay asleep. An estimated 65% of Americans have had sleep issues at least once a week.

Sleep deprivation is one of the worse experiences a human being can go through. It can affect many aspects of your life from your workplace to your home relationships with your family members.

The sleep industry is worth around $50 billion a year. Products range from the highly researched and effective to the ridiculous. It is our remit and responsibility to bring attention to the true and good and let the misleading and bad fall by the wayside.

Within the pages of this website you will find product reviews. The most common will be anti snoring products (devices designed to help prevent snoring). Most of these products are highly effective – some more than others hence the need for a sensible reviewing and rating mechanism. You will also find other products designed to help you sleep better, some will be supplement based.

There are of course myths, half truths and damn right lies. We will tend to skirt over these and not give them air time – but we may publish an article detailing the negative aspects of the sleep industry just to highlight certain areas that should be scrutinized more closely.

Meet our team

Phil Bachelor

Phil has a strong background in sleep science. As a former sufferer he understand the effect snoring can have on all aspects of health and life. Phil appreciates that sleeping is vital to the recovery of the body and mind. Phil has spent his career solving the snoring problem and is eager to help you.

Laura Breich

Laura specializes in achieving quality sleep. It may sound simple enough but if you have read our introduction to this page you will find a large proportion of people struggle to get the necessary shut eye to perform their daily task efficiently. Laura is confident she can help you sleep better.