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None of the information that we provide on our website is intended to advocate or back any tests, opinions, products, procedures, or companies. If you participate in any activities mentioned on our website than you do so at your own risk. This is especially important to understand for the people that have any preexisting medical condition. If you decide to follow through with any information provided on the Medi Smart website than you do so solely on your responsibility and risk.

We strongly recommend that you use the information provided on this website in a responsible and sensible way. Certain products and activities on this website may appeal to you but please keep in mind to take medical advice before purchasing any products or making lifestyle changes.

We specially and principally urge pregnant ladies and nursing mothers to attain medical advice before partaking in any activity or taking any medication mentioned on the Medi Smart website. At the same time, it is equally important for people taking any medication or having any health issues like diabetes, hypertension, or heart problems.  

We strongly urge you to consult medical professionals before buying any products or undertaking any new fitness activities. Be aware if you do so without professional consultation than you do so on your own accord and risk.

Purchasing Products

If you buy any product that you read about on the Medi Smart website than you do so at your own risk. We urge you to always read the label and also go through the provided information. When you buy any product it is recommended that you check the ingredient list to make sure you are not allergic to any of the constituents. You should never exceed the recommended dose. This rule also applies to natural health products. Exceeding the recommended dose can have adverse health effects.

Safety Disclosure

Please take notice that none of the products mentioned on the Medi Smart website are intended for persons who are under the age of 18.

Product and service reviews plus statements published on this website may have not been assessed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are under NO circumstances intended to prevent, diagnose, or manage any disease or physical ailment.

We recommend that you stop taking the product at once in case of an allergic reaction and seek medical assistance. 


Adding more physical activity and exercise to your routine contributes to an overall boost in health and improves your sleep cycle. The amount of physical activity you do should be in line with any health restraints.

Weight loss is hard work. Supplements can do part of the work by subduing hunger and boosting your metabolism but they cannot do all the work. For you to lose weight in a healthy way you need to commit to healthy living. Supplements can help smooth the ride but it’s still an uphill battle that you have to fight yourself for your own better health.   

Any claims that you see on the Medi Smart website only pertain to that specific individual making that claim. Just because a certain product or activity works for one person does not mean that it will automatically be beneficial for another.

Side Effects Disclaimer

Before you use any product we urge you to familiarize yourself with its list of ingredients so that you can evaluate it for any possible allergens for you. The point for this is to make you realize that even if a certain product works side-effect-free for someone else does not mean it will work side effect free for you. The same is true vise verse. This is why it is recommended that you seek professional medical advice before taking any supplements or medications.

DO NOT tamper with the recommended dose of any supplement or medication. Please follow your doctor’s prescription or the manufacturer’s dose recommendation. This is to ensure that you receive maximum benefits and minimum side effects.

Just because a certain product worked for you in the past does NOT mean they will have the same results every time.    

FDA Disclaimer

We make No claims that the content on the Medi Smart website including text, programs, techniques, and products is evaluated by the FDA. None of the information available on this website is intended to be a substitute for medical assistance in terms of preventing, diagnosing,  or managing any disease.

We strongly recommend that you have a discussion with your health care provider before committing to any radical lifestyle changes, taking supplements, or medications.  

The results of a single product or supplement may vary from person to person. You may lose more weight than the customers who shared their reviews. Or you may lose less or no weight at all. The effect a certain product has on your body varies from person to person.

If you decide to rely and follow any information provided on the Medi Smart website, by the Medi Smart team or by fellow site visitors you do so on your own accord and risk.

Legal Disclaimer

We cannot emphasize enough that the information presented on the Medi Smart website is only for educational purposes. You will need to contact your health care professional for any practical advice (including help with weight loss and health and fitness issues).

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