Privacy Policy

We value your right to PRIVACY.

Medi Smart is an online publication. It is our policy to respect your privacy concerning any information we may collect when you visit the Medi Smart Website.

The Right to Privacy

Privacy is everyone’s basic right. We at Medi Smart are committed to safeguarding any personally identifiable information you may share during your visit to

This privacy policy has been developed to notify you of what kind of information might be collected by the Medi Smart website during your visit and how we use that information. In our privacy policy, we also explain the circumstance under which we may disclose your private information to third parties.

This privacy policy only applies to the information collected via the Medi Smart website. It does not apply to information that is collected from other sources.

Medi Smart Terms and Condition pages work in accordance with Medi Smart Privacy Policy. They provide a general outline for the rules and policies regarding your use of the Medi Smart Website.

During your visit to our website, you may be asked to agree to additional terms and conditions depending on your activities.

Website Visitor Information

During your visit to the Medi Smart website, the website collects non-personally-identifying information. This is the information that is generally shared by web browsers and servers. The type of information collected includes language preferences, browser type, referring site, and the date, time, and duration of each visitor request.

By collecting this non-personally-identifying information Medi Smart is able to get an insight into the way a visitor views the content on the website. This information also helps us to understand how a visitor uses our website. This information helps to understand what the visitors require. It also permits us to be able to create better content and enhance the visitor’s experience.

Non-personally-identifying information collected by the Medi Smart website may be published in the form of aggregate. For example, we have a right to publish a report regarding the usage trends of our site.

For logged-in users and users who leave comments, the Medi Smart website can also gather potentially personally-identifying information such as the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

In the section below you will learn the circumstances under which we may disclose a logged-in user’s or commenter’s IP address.   

Gathering of Personally-Identifying Information

When a visitor logs into the Medi Smart website or leaves a comment we may ask them for personally-identifying information like name and email address. The amount and type of information that Medi Smart obtains depend on your interaction with the website.

Security (How We Protect Your Information)

Your privacy and security of your personal information is of value to us and we protect it carefully. But please bear in mind that no method of information transmission over the net or electronic storage is 100% secure.

So, while we promise to adopt the best-recommended ways to safeguard your information, we do not guaranty 100% security. This is not only true for Medi Smart but all websites.


Medi Smart has selected advertising partners and you may see any ad now or again on the website. These ads contain cookies. These cookies help the ad server to identify your computer or smart device among other things.  

The cookies in advertisements make it easier for ad networks to deliver targeted ads. This means that the cookies help shop ads that are most relevant to you.

Please keep in mind our privacy policy only covers the cookies on our website. The cookies delivered by the advertising partners are not covered under our privacy policy.

How We Use Cookies at Medi Smart

On our site we use cookies to enhance your online experience. Cookies allow us to show you content that is personalized to you. 

But the question is what a cookie is?

A string of information is called a cookie. Websites store these strings on their visitors’ computers.

These cookies work behind the scenes and help to improve your experience. For example, when you log in to a website and select a specific language option, cookies streamline the connection between the website and your computer.

Cookies are responsible for keeping you logged in after you refresh the page or visit another page on the same website. Cookies are also the reason why your selected preferences are not lost when you refresh the page.

At Medi Smart we use cookies to keep track of visitors, the way they use the site, and ensure their website access preferences are maintained.

Cookies on Medi Smart are optional and NOT compulsory. You can change your browser settings to refuse cookies. If you want to remove cookies, it is best you change the settings before visiting the website.

Please bear in mind that refusing cookies have certain disadvantages. With cookies are deactivated you may find certain pages and features do not work properly on the website.

You are in agreement with Medi Smart’s use of cookies if you continue to use the Medi Smart website without changing your cookie setting.

Links to External Sites

Medi Smart website contains links to external sites that are not operated by us. When you click on any of these links of the third party you will be directed to their website. We suggest you review the privacy policy and terms and conditions of every website you visit by clicking on those links.

Medi Smart has absolutely no control over any of the sites we link on our website. We take NO responsibilities for any content available on these websites nor do we have any link to their privacy policies.

Aggregated Statistics

Medi Smart may gather statistics about visitor behavior. The data collected is mainly non-identifying information. We at Medi Smart have the right to publicly display this data and share it with others. But rest assured that we will never disclose any of your personally-identifying information.

Privacy Policy Changes

We may have to amend our privacy policy from time to time. Most of the changes that happen to our privacy policy are minor but we urge you to check this page frequently. Your continuation of usage of the Medi Smart website translates to your acceptance of the changes (if and when they occur).

Our Contact Information

In case of any inquiries regarding our privacy policy please contact us via our contact page.