Snoring surgery

Should You Consider Snoring Surgery & What Are the Options?

Snoring is a problem many people have to live with. Either because they snore themselves or because they live with someone else who does. Although snoring can be annoying and present many health problems, trying to stop it via surgery could be seen as an extreme solution. There are several less unpleasant ways to control … Read More

Infant snoring

What Should You Do if Your Infant Snores While Sleeping

This article tackles the subject of infant snoring. Is it a sign of a health condition or is it completely normal? Although parents often find it concerning, infant snoring is normal. Babies often make snoring noises when they are breathing. Especially when they are asleep. As with adults, infant snoring is only the noise produced … Read More

Acupuncture for Snoring

Is Acupuncture for Snoring Worth Looking Into?

There are many routes you can take if you want to stop snoring and acupuncture is one of the options. But should you consider acupuncture for snoring as one of the first treatments to address your snoring problem?  There are some people who have tried it and who will tell you it works. However, there … Read More

How to Sleep When Someone is Snoring

How to Sleep When Someone is Snoring and Feel Less Tired

When you have to sleep next to a partner who is snoring it ca be incredibly frustrating. Thankfully, there are several things you can try to get a better night sleep. Sleeping When Someone Is Snoring We all need our sleep, and some people need more of it than other people do. Unfortunately, when you … Read More

Essential oils for snoring

Best Essential Oils for Snoring

Are essential oils good for snoring? You may be surprised to learn the answer to that question is yes. However, trying to control snoring with essential oils won’t be the best solution for everyone. The viability of an aromatherapy treatment can be influenced by other factors, such as smoking or obesity, that could be the … Read More

Smoking and snoring

Is Smoking and Snoring Connected?

There are many things that contribute to snoring. Most of them involve the act of breathing in one way or another. Drinking alcohol and overeating are probably two of the worst. But what about cigarette smoke – Is smoking and snoring connected? Is Smoking and Snoring Connected? Several factors can influence snoring and make it … Read More

Humidifier and Snoring

Why Does a Humidifier Help With Snoring? Key Facts & Information

If you’ve ever heard that a humidifier can help with snoring, then you may be pleased to know that your information was correct. It’s true that these handy, mist-spreading devices can reduce the impact of dry air in the winter-time. But how does a humidifier help with snoring? A humidifier administers humidifier therapy. This adds … Read More

Mouth Exercises to Stop Snoring

17 Mouth Exercises to Stop Snoring

A lot of people think of snoring as little more than a common annoyance. But in truth, it’s usually actually a much bigger problem. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably done some research to figure out how to fix the problem. If so, you’ve probably come across some information about mouth exercises to stop … Read More

Snoring With Mouth Closed

Why Am I Snoring With My Mouth Closed?

You’ve probably been told that ‘mouth breathing’ is a leading cause of snoring. And it’s true! So why are you still snoring, even though you’ve managed to start sleeping with your mouth closed at night? If you’re a bit mystified, don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of people with an understanding of snoring problems … Read More