Humidifier and Snoring

Why Does a Humidifier Help With Snoring? Key Facts & Information

If you’ve ever heard that a humidifier can help with snoring, then you may be pleased to know that your information was correct. It’s true that these handy, mist-spreading devices can reduce the impact of dry air in the winter-time. But how does a humidifier help with snoring? A humidifier administers humidifier therapy. This adds … Read More

Mouth Exercises to Stop Snoring

17 Mouth Exercises to Stop Snoring

A lot of people think of snoring as little more than a common annoyance. But in truth, it’s usually actually a much bigger problem. If you’re like most people, you’ve probably done some research to figure out how to fix the problem. If so, you’ve probably come across some information about mouth exercises to stop … Read More

Snoring With Mouth Closed

Why Am I Snoring With My Mouth Closed?

You’ve probably been told that ‘mouth breathing’ is a leading cause of snoring. And it’s true! So why are you still snoring, even though you’ve managed to start sleeping with your mouth closed at night? If you’re a bit mystified, don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of people with an understanding of snoring problems … Read More

Tennis ball for snoring

Home Remedies for Snoring – Some Simple Hacks

If you or your partner snores there are several things you can try before resorting to purchasing a specialist ant-snoring product or even surgery. Here are over a dozen simple hacks and home remedies for snoring. Home Remedies for Snoring Snoring is a problem that can disrupt your sleep and that of your partner. Lots … Read More

Alcohol and snoring

Does Alcohol Cause Snoring or Make it Worse?

A lot of people will tell you alcohol causes snoring. Alcohol also has the ability to accentuate an existing problem with snoring and make it worse. So, does alcohol cause snoring? Does Alcohol Cause Snoring If you currently snore and alcohol is a big part of your life, this may not be something you want … Read More

Snoring while pregnant

How to Stop Snoring While Pregnant

Snoring during pregnancy is a problem that affects many women—even ones who have no prior history of snoring. It’s a surprisingly common issue. This article looks at the causes and also provides some solutions. How to Stop Snoring While Pregnant Some estimates suggest one in three pregnant women snore but others indicate it may affect … Read More